Our name

We are often asked what WindShine stands for, so here's the story.

In the spring of 1991, after one of the many Oklahoma thunderstorms, my family and I went to meet relatives at a restaurant for dinner. My then 3-year-old son kept saying something that I couldn’t understand. After arriving at the restaurant and getting seated, he continued to mutter something softly and point outside. I excused myself from the table and took him outside to see what had his attention. As we stood there looking, a flash of lightning struck in the distance and lit up the clouds. He looked at me and said, “Wind shine, Daddy. Wind shine. - Tony Larocco (Principal)

Over the years, this story has been retold to family members and friends. Often, when lightning would strike the Oklahoma skies, someone would jokingly say, “Look, it’s wind shine.”Years later, as we began this new business venture and the team sat down to determine what name the business would hold, the endearing term for lightning that was coined by a 3-year-old so many years ago became more and more meaningful. Yes, this made-up name for lightning has a literal and obvious connection to a business dealing in electrical products, but the words hold additional significance.

“Wind”–a force or agency that carries along or influences, and “shine”–to be very good or successful at an activity. These are two ideals for which our company strives–as individuals, as a company, and for those with whom we do business.