Our Name

We are often asked what WindShine stands for, so here's the story.

In the spring of 1991, after one of the many Oklahoma thunderstorms, my family and I went to meet relatives at a restaurant for dinner. My then 3-year-old son kept saying something that I couldn’t understand. After arriving at the restaurant and getting seated, he continued to mutter something softly and point outside. I excused myself from the table and took him outside to see what had his attention. As we stood there looking, a flash of lightning struck in the distance and lit up the clouds. He looked at me and said, “Wind shine, Daddy. Wind shine".

Tony Larocco (WindShine Principal)

Over the years, this story has been retold to family members and friends. Often, when lightning strikes the Oklahoma skies, someone jokingly says, “Look, it’s wind shine.”Years later, as we began this new business venture and the team sat down to determine what name the business would hold, that endearing term for lightning became more and more meaningful. While this made-up name for lightning has a seemingly obvious connection to electrical products, the words hold additional significance. We liked that.

Our Team

Tony Larocco


With over 35 years of electrical experience in the Oklahoma market, Tony leads WindShine as founding principal. He began his career with four years of apprentice experience in electrical construction for both residential and commercial applications. He also spent two years in the power distribution business as a driver, warehouse manager, and inside salesman.

In 1989, he obtained a position at Electrical Products of Oklahoma, where he spent 27 years gaining experience as an inside and outside salesman. He became VP of sales, and eventually became a partner. In 2016, Tony founded WindShine, where he currently manages and covers accounts throughout the state.

His other accomplishments include an education in International Marketing at Oklahoma State University. He also spent over four years as a missionary to Haiti and India, where he facilitated the distribution of resources to those in need.

Kim Larocco


Kim has been with WindShine since its founding in 2016. As cofounder, she has been responsible for the financial and corporate processes. She began her early career in the land management department at Trigg Drilling Company. In addition to serving as the financial officer at WindShine, she also assists as a customer service agent.

Her other accomplishments include missionary work in Haiti and India, as well as extensive volunteer work at her children’s schools. She’s currently the secretary treasurer at her local church and is secretary of her home owner’s association.

Andrew Larocco

Inside Sales

Andrew has been a part of the WindShine team since it began. For the last four years, he has worked as an inside salesman, gaining experience in the industry. He also works on quotations and assists with customer service.

He has a passion for media creation and, in his spare time, enjoys building his experience in the gaming and creative markets.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST

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