Let’s face it. Storms happen everywhere. We all know they will. We always say “Next time I am going to be prepared!” Then every day life takes over and we find ourselves with approaching storms and all of the things we need to be ready have been wiped out of stock and we are not prepared.

High energy lightning stormLightning in a dark sky. Photo by Ryan on Unsplash

No matter where we are in the country, there are storm seasons. Times we know we could be facing the wrath of nature. These storms may carry a great deal of energy but that energy tends to cancel out our own and we are left in the dark.


In our fair state of Oklahoma we have multiple times of the year when a debilitating storm can hit. Certainly, spring is the biggest with the threat of random and violent tornados, thunderstorms or high winds

But these have been known to hit in the middle of summer, the early fall and at times, even the winter when a strong front comes in from the south.Super cell storm in rural Oklahoma. Photo by Raychel Sanner on Unsplash

We are even impacted by hurricanes in the gulf sending strong storms our way.Satellite view of hurricane. Photo by NASA on Unsplash.

We also face the threat of ice in the winter with the weight of the ice and high winds bringing down power lines.

Downed power lines from ice storm in Oklahoma. Photo from Oklahoman.com

Any of these storms has the potential of knocking out the power to our homes and businesses. 

Too often, we wait until the next storm comes to prepare. Putting us at the mercy of an already over burdened supply chain. 

Stocking Options

Reliance Controls offers many solutions for storm preparedness and an easy to start package for distribution to be ready for their customer needs.

Take a look at their site or reach out to us for suggested stock and display options.

Reliance Controls is storm ready. Are You?