Bathroom ventilator grille showing its age? Maybe just too noisy? Or both? Perhaps the room needs more light or some tunes while you’re getting ready for the day? Broan has an upgrade solution to fit all of your needs. Let’s look at some quick economy fan upgrades.  


The QuicKIT upgrade kit, model QK60, is a great way to improve both the look and operation of your ventilator.

The QK60 replaces your old, dirty grille with a more modern look and replaces the fan with a higher cfm blower, all at nearly half the sound level. If you have a model 688, which is 50 cfm at 4.0 sones, the QK60 upgrades you to 60 cfm at 2.5 sones. More air movement with less noise! 

More Grille Options


Need more light in the bathroom? Just change the grille on your economy fan to an integral LED light.  

Take a look at our FG600S replacement grille. You can install it without any rewiring! 


Can’t start your day without your favorite tunes? Upgrade your grille with the FG800SPK, featuring integral LED lighting and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Pair it with your phone, and you can get ready to your favorite band, podcast, or book. 

There are many more options. Check out the compatibility of your unit with these and other grilles at Find the Perfect Fit.

Look for more inspiring options coming to our site soon!